Print Design

Print Design

Print design is done for various purposes, but the main two are marketing and brand awareness. Print design is a graphic design process. Its end-product is a design in a digital form (.psd, .tif, .indd, etc.), which then gets printed onto a material, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc. 
Bhoi Designs does all the necessary required designing for the different print mediums.


You need brochures to present your services and products. Brochures are designed on a folded piece of paper (usually A4, folded three times), or from several pages which are stitched together (but not bound). We create effective Brochures which often contain a logo, CTA, and a website – masterfully designed together with an offer or some other advertising message.


Flyers are a pretty straightforward type of print material. Besides being one of the cheapest forms of advertising (printed on a piece of paper, usually in A5 format or smaller), they are still at the top of the most effective ones since they easily reach the widest audiences directly – by being handed out in the street. The X-factor in us that attracts people via it is, certainly, an effective design.


In a time of consumerism, the role of packaging and label design is to attract customers and make the product stand out from other products on the shelf. We create labels and packaging that are usually one of the most creative types of print design and only attractive ideas come forward and are made on the market.


Business Visiting cards are a necessity in every type of business since they are an integral part of brand identity. To make connections and expand your circle of business partners (and potential clients), having one such masterfully designed card is a thing every business person needs to have. We make just the right customized one for you to portray yourself the best.


Stationery design is becoming a desirable part of the industry. If you are dealing with the stationery business, a beautiful & creative stationery design is an important aspect that represents your brand globally. Bhoi Designs helps you to create a professional design that establishes brand identity and reinforces customer perception of your product. With the help of our creative stationery designers, you can create your favorite design at reasonable prices.


Magazines, both digital and printed, are excellent means of communication, marketing, and more. And putting your special touch on a magazine — with the help of a magazine design layout of course — is totally within reach.

We mind these principles are in no specific order and each carries equal importance:
Hierarchy — How people read or consume the information, i.e., what’s most important? What are the key takeaways here? And how do you showcase that? You want this information to be visible right out the gate.


As in, why should someone be reading this, why should they care? People need to understand the point of your magazine. Is it something that needs to be communicated through a photo story or with words?


You want your information and magazine to be easy to understand. Or at the very least, you need the purpose to be easy to understand. Your choice in communication and end goal needs to be clear.


Chaos can be art, but it’s not always beautiful or helpful as it pertains to graphic design. You want to strike a balance between a visual or graphic design feeling cluttered or weighted to one side, as well as sparse or empty. 

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