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Being one of the best branding agency in Kolkata we know what it takes to create a brand out of a business. We have been providing branding solutions to clients in India and abroad since the incorporation of The Bhoi Designs in 2016.

A branding design package is a collection of digital, printed, or physical resources used to create a unique image of a brand. It helps you to create a distinct identity that makes you stand out amidst the crowded market.

It is the basic and most important step to


Enter the market


Sustain in the market


Rebrand your image

Branding paves the way for extensive marketing changes and provides a company with everything necessary for effective brand promotion.




Logo design is a perfect way to make your company noticeable among its competitors and lay the foundation for your future marketing success. Since its first days, a logo will build a strong association with your company and services. Hence, make sure to invest in its quality and design. Also, note that there are different types of logos to choose from.
We at The Bhoi Designs try to get into the thought process of your company’s mission & vision and then coagulate your inputs and our creativity and create the most suitable logo for you.


If you are on the verge of opening a company or business but still haven’t selected your brand colors, it is a must thing to be considered forefront. A color palette has a significant influence on your brand image and perception.

Moreover, this branding package service is necessary for any company interested in long-term development and high-quality marketing. Note that color selection is a crucial visual branding step, so make sure to entrust it to professionals.

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Just experts know the power of typography and its effect on the impression of branding. In this way, the full branding package incorporates typography as its key component enhancing others. 
We help to tell your brand story with the right fonts which speak through its unique brilliance.

Typography why the font does it matter


Packages affects the intention of customer to purchase. Besides, people get attracted to something simply because they like its look. This will be a wise investment in the development of your company and a great way to stand among your competitors. Our customized packaging designs are not only eye-catchy but it creates a sense of belonging to people.

Best Branding Agency in Kolkata


Coming up with a great tagline isn’t like the movies. There’s no magic wand to feed you the perfect line. 
1) A tagline represents your brand.
2) A slogan represents a specific product or ad campaign.
We have an expert team of content writers who lets your brand speak out just the way it wants to represent itself.


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