Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media is the most powerful tool to present your advertisements in front of large number of users. The huge number of people seeing your ads is guaranteed because the number of people using social media is huge. These includes facebook ads, youtube ads, google ads, linkedin ads,

Companies often have multiple social media accounts on many different social platforms. We provide complete social media management starting from content creation, design creation and posting on various social media accounts.


Social Media Starter

Small Businesses
9999 Monthly
  • 15 Social Media Post Design
  • 15 Social Media Post Content
  • 2 Social Media Platform Handling
  • 2 Social Media Cover Design
  • 2 Paid Promotion on additional Charges

Social Media Standard

Small Businesses
12999 Monthly
  • 20 Social Media Post Design
  • 20 Social Media Post Content
  • 3 Social Media Account Handling
  • 3 Social Media Cover Design
  • 4 Paid Promotion on additional Charges

Social Media Business

Small Businesses
14999 Monthly
  • 30 Social Media Post Design
  • 30 Social Media Post Content
  • 4 Social Media Account Handling
  • 5 Social Media Cover Design
  • 5 Paid Promotion on additional Charges

18% GST will be applicable


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