Core Values

Bhoi Designs Stands for…


B – Believing in providing dynamic solutions understanding the Client’s psyche.
H – Highly focused result-oriented work.
O – Open-mindedness which reflects in the work approach and methodology of any task that we plan.
I- Individualistic approach for every client to make them individualistic.

Bhoi Designs is a Digital Marketing Company based in Salt Lake, Kolkata which has its presence all over India and other countries as well. 

We at Bhoi Designs like to give a humane touch with our creative insights for our promotional strategies, rather than only on readymade tools.

We at Bhoi Designs, believe in providing services which are customized for individual/brand/organization at a minute level. We start our work right from the beginning, doing in-house market research and customer analysis. We employ strategies that find the right customers for a business and take steps to make the business stand unique and thus drive real traffic and real customers to that company’s website. 

We are proud that all the clients we have managed till now have been working with us consistently. We have strived hard to retain them and we look forward to serving every client with that much diligence and maintain a strong bond that stays on.

Our Work Culture

We thoroughly believe that “To win the marketplace we have to win the workplace first.” 

The untold coordination between the team without any hassle in mind shows that we have won in this respect. Bhoi Design is a team of happy and happening individuals that come together to create a magical work-cum-living culture. Our core value centers on delivering an exceptional experience to clients. But moreover, it foretells about our efforts of creating an exceptional experience for ourselves. We instill the best out of each one and always upgrade our skills. Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of our company. We strive to provide the best and desired results for every one of our customers and we stand up to their expectations with our customized solutions.

Our Team

“Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success. It’s not the team with the best people who succeed, but it’s the people with the best team that succeeds.”

Graphic Designer

Santanu Bhoi

Santanu Bhoi
Co-Founder Of Bhoi Designs

His parents named him Santanu Bhoi, but his friends call him only “Bhoi”. A 25 years old visual artist, digital creator, and Traveler currently based in Manali. Bhoi was born and raised in Kolkata, one of the beautiful cities to live in and to experience the rich art and culture. He was passionate about photography and adventure from an early age. After high school, he directly took admission into film school pursuing a diploma in Cinematography and Photography.

In his early days, Bhoi worked for 2 years in the Tollywood film industry as a photographer. Later he joined 9-5 jobs as a Creative Designer/Head and lived in different cities and traveled across India. With over 6 years of work experience and working on many big projects, Bhoi finally decided to leave the Job life and establish his own small production house and to live a life of his own.
Youtube videos with millions of views and his work published on multiple platforms including Inspiron India, AirAsia, OnePlus, Quechua, and many more. Bhoi specializes in lifestyle shoots as well as portraits, products, fine art, and landscape. He can’t wait to tell your brand’s story!


Saumitra Bhoi

Saumitra Bhoi
Co-Founder and Graphic Designer 

A dynamic person who has a unique combination of cool-headedness, zeal for working hard, and leading qualities. 

He has an in-built knack and passion for art and understands the real meaning of it. At the age of 5, he used to draw on walls that have deep aesthetic meaning. Following that passion that grew in him, he started to freelance from his college days in NIT Durgapur. Today he has experience of nearly 10 years. He has built a team of skillful web developers, designers, social media managers, Content conceptualists, and marketing strategists. He has been the reason for a close-knitted team that delivers great results for the company. With a vast client base all over India, he has excellent client-handling skills as well. 

His work and talent speak for themselves.

Social Media Manager & Content Conceptualist

Arumay Banerjee

Arumay Banerjee
Social Media Manager & Content Conceptualist

A guy with an unusual name and unusual creative insights as well.
He is an MBA grad who worked in a premier market research company for a decent period. 
During that stint in Job, I felt my creative insights and content creation capabilities are getting limited.
Thereafter, he started to work as a Consultant Strategist for a start-up and as a freelance content Creator as well. 
While working, he observed, writing valuable content, nowadays is rare and the internet is dumped with substandard content and he joined Bhoi designs for the quality work they do and encourages to produce.

His idea and strategies not only for the clients but for the company itself have led to the creation of great insightful content. His skills include Content Creation, Ad Copywriting, Blog and Article Writing, Ad Strategies, Promotional Strategies, Creative conceptualization for social media posts, Email Content Writing.

Graphic Designer

Indrani Routh

Indrani Routh
Graphic Designer

An RBU fine arts grad, a trained designer with expertise in all sorts of designing platforms, she is an ace in this field. She has vast experience of working as a designer in MNCs.

She brings artistic brilliance to her designs and makes them appeal. She is the lucky one to pursue the career which she dreamt of. This makes her a valuable asset for Bhoi Designs, as she is thoroughly passionate about what she does.


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