“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”


Designs are at the heart of shaping human civilization. From time immemorial, not just well-engineered but also well-designed objects have not just saved humankind but also shaped it culturally. The skilled artisan has left their mark on history, who still breathe through their crafts and designs. Today, technologically speaking, perhaps, we are now at the pinnacle of science and tech, however, the scope of design improvement is always there.

Artist doesn't use either right or left side of their brain. They use it whole, to bring out innovative and logical solution.
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Newer technology comes into being and gets launched in the market every day, however, some make the cut others don’t. Why is it so? What makes the difference? The absence of demand and necessity is a factor, yes! Otherwise, poor design is another reason! As bad design makes it difficult for mundane people to understand and adapt to the newer tech. Thereby, well-designed always gets an audience for it.

Modern tools of new generation artist to master their craft.
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What is a good design? What are traits of an astute designer?

Designs are not just important from an aesthetical standpoint, also make life easier and add meaning to the product. This fact extends beyond physical objects to virtual designs as well.  For instance, psychologically, it has been observed clean, minimal, easy to comprehend design is much attractive to the eye. A little twitch here and there can make all the difference in the world, make it more modern, and gives a sharper edge over others. Above all, what is most looked for in an artist is his vision to identify, re-imagining, and modify what is existing or to make a new. Additionally, keen vision, aesthetic idea, and sense of creativity are too looked for in this job. Thereby, not everyone can master and replicate such intricate work.

Imprints of artist living on forever, etched on the walls of Egyptian pyramids.
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Quality over quantity!

Software and coaches are readily available in the market for being the wind underneath the wings of every enthusiastic amateur artist. Thus, alleviating the number of artists but what lacks in this crowd of amateur artists is the finesse. However, this finesse is what sets good artists apart from the crowd. The designs brought to the table by a quality workman are not a mere repetition of what’s in trend, but also have a sense of intuitiveness. Hence, quality designers are always in demand. Such designers will always deliver great results the likes you can expect in Bhoi Venture Pvt Ltd.

Intricately designed by artisans hundreds of years ago, still lives on.
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Bhoi Venture Pvt Ltd:

The mind goes behind each and very well designed project.
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Just like the clouds can’t hide the brightness of the sun, artists of such talent can never be hidden. The front-runner of Bhoi Venture Pvt Ltd – Mr. Saumitra Bhoi – has always had an artistic flair and acute sense of aesthetic. When his artistic pursuit ran out of paper (which was more often than not), it left its imprint upon the walls of his house. When pursuing engineering from NIT, Durgapur, the desire for creation and innovation never left him. Thus, began a journey to satisfy his artistic hunger. The initially freelancing youth, now matured with ten years of experience underneath his belt.  Of this ten-year experience, it also marks five years of Bhoi Venture Pvt Ltd! 

How we aim to serve you and alleviate your design?

The anatomy of well-designed projects.
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The passion of our founder – Mr. Saumita Bhoi- truly burns at the heart of Bhoi Venture Pvt Ltd. The flourishing team of Bhoi Venture Pvt Ltd harbors exceptional talents from an array of niche – designers, website developers, app developers, and even social media managers. Providing a one-stop solution to their client. Aiming at completing every project with equal attention and finesse. We, welcome you, to check if you can feel the pride, effort, and passion in our work like we do. See, if you deem us deserving of the laurels we have been bestowed upon.

We will like to conclude in the words of Mr. Brian Reeds, “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”. That aligns with our sentiments alike.

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